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Long PM shift tonight. My second hand was not able to come in because of the rain.

The front room had soft stool and some normal stool on the floor.

Room 2 also had soft stool. Elwood seems to be having some respiratory issues, which were reported to medical.

Room 3 was covered in cat hair so I used the de-furring brush on the cat trees and chair. I also replaced the litter with clay only (President's orders) due to the cats being front declawed in the room.

Ivan was let out of his cage for about an hour total. He was let out two times total, but put back in his cage the first time because of some tension with another cat. He was let back out later and did not have any issues.

Jabari was very "hissy" with me while cleaning his cage. He still requested much attention so I think he was just being territorial.

Honey's cage was very messy and also had throw up, so I cleaned the entire cage.

Here is a picture of Tiny:


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