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Had help from Devon tonight!

There was pee outside of a litterbox in the Front room along with some soft stool.

There was also yellow, soft stool in room 1. We also had Elwood escape! I got him back in with ease.

In room 2, which is connected to the front room, Felix had soft and potentially bloody stool.

In room 3, Frito accidently missed the litterbox and peed outside of it.

Ivan got some "out of the cage time" for about an hour, but tried to fight another cat, so I put him back in his cage. Ivan is FIV positive and must be supervised when out of his cage at all times. We had a PetSmart event that day that he attended so he must have been stressed from that.

Jabari had an accident outside the litterbox again (stool and throw up) so I replaced his newspaper and blankets in the cage. Jabari is FIV positive and does not get along with other cats, so he stays in his cage at all times.

Honey, who is timid, but very sweet, escaped from her cage twice! Ghost was very nice to her and she seemed to like him. I got her back in her cage easily just by offering her some pets.

Overall, it was a crazy day at CATsNAP. Everything has been reported to superiors.

Here is a picture of Jabari:


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