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Did the normal care and cleaning. I washed, dried, and folded a load of laundry.

There was soft stool in room 1, along with soft stool and maybe blood in Glitter and Ribbon's cage.

I changed the newspaper in Ivan and Glitter/Ribbon's cages. I also gave Ivan a new blanket because water spilled on the previous one.

Gandalf did not care for any attention and was also "hacking" (four times). I am concerned about respiratory issues and alerted my superiors.

Myles (an adult cat) continuously knocked Elwoods food (a mix of kitten and adult food) out of his cage and ate it, so I had to clean that up and move Elwoods food farther into the cage to prevent Myles from getting to it again.

Glitter asked me for attention for the first time today! She is actually very sweet. I originally thought she was a shy cat.

Here is a picture of Glitter:


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