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Dried a load of laundry and folded it. Left a load in the washer that still needs to be dried.

There was soft stool in room 1. Not many litter boxes were used tonight so I suspect someone cleaned them not long before.

Nala tried attacking me a lot. She just moved rooms so I think she is stressed from that. She is able to see other cats through the screen door window and is not happy about it. She is still asking for attention, but attacks most of the time throughout it.

Dolce knocked over the litter box and I had to do my best to clean that. She definitely wanted to get out of her cage because she attempted to many times while I was cleaning .

Solar made a weird noise twice that sounded like a mix between an aggressive meow a cough.

A fight or two broke out in the front room tonight. Michelle swatted at Myles a few times. Myles was hissing at Ivan. Myles and Gandalf both hissed at each other.

Bailey was adopted around 06.17.2023!

Here is a picture of Nala:


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