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Did the normal care and cleaning. Laundry was crazy. The laundry in the dryer smelled awful and I decided it needed rewashing. I thought I'd have time to do it, but once I put a load in the washer, near the end of the cycle, the machine said "UE". The only way to get the washer to clean the load was to restart the whole wash. I left the load in the washer when leaving so I did not get the chance to do multiple loads which desperately needed to be done. I later received word that the laundry in the dryer probably smelled bad because there were TNR blankets in the load, but I still put them in the pile of things to wash so they could maybe smell better.

I broke up some fighting amongst the cats. Gandalf was in the cage and didn't swipe at any other cats, but was hissy, causing tension. Silver Wings was also in a cage but managed to swipe at a brown tabby. I heard more fightings, but when I went to investigate, the fights were already over. Rumor has it that Bailey has been misbehaving with other cats, but nothing more than a swat.

Here is a picture of Silver Wings:


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