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I did the usual of cleaning the litter boxes, attending to food and water, sweeping, brushing any cats who allowed it, and laundry.

There were only two concerning things. There was some soft stool in the front room (there is a front room, room 1, room 2, and room 3 that I take care of during my shifts) and I suspect one of the cats is sick. Donald wasn't acting like himself at first during my shift and seemed to be in a bad mood. I later noticed him sniffling, sneezing, and I even caught him wheezing once or twice. Later he came around and stopped being so grumpy. I gave him some love and made sure to sanitize after for when I interacted with other cats. I alerted my superiors of Donald and it is likely he will be moved to the medical team.

Here is a picture of Donald for reference:


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